Saturday, April 10, 2010

a little of this. a little of that

Why hello there! How's it goin'?

Things are going well here. I'm moving. Did you know? Probably not cuz i haven't told you until now but yes, I am moving. Into a house. Which means... drum roll please.... i get a PUPPY!!!!!

Oh my gosh you seriously have no idea how excited I am about this! I cannot wait to be a dog owner. They are seriously amazing, loving, beautiful creatures and I cannot wait to have one. I'm feeling a little redundant. meh.

Oh did I mention that I get my own room? With four walls!?!? What? You think every room comes with four walls. Pffft, you are so, so, so wrong my dear. This is my current living situation:

images are not to scale. the rooms are MUCH smaller.
yes my paint skills are still that awesome.
don't be jealous.

Yeah, I only have 2 1/2 walls and, and the stairs are right in front of my bed. I have no privacy. None. Nada. Zilch. Ne rien. That's not such a good thing for someone who likes privacy. Which is why my moving into a bedroom with four walls is such an amazingly awesome thing.
Oh and did I mention that I finally get to paint/decorate it? am I excited for that! I don't want to give too much away about it but it will be full of wonderful vibrant colors.
I can't wait!!!

I think I might be allergic to gluten.
I'm not technically sure that I'm allergic to it because, well, that would require me to go to the doctor which is never going to happen. Not unless I'm dying. And even then you might have to drag me there. Anyway.... I did a mini experiment for a week and only ate something with wheat once a day and my oh my did it make a world of difference. I felt better. My tummy didn't hate me nearly as much and I lost some weight. Now I'm eating it again and my tummy is back to hating me on a very regular basis. So I'm thinking I might just drop wheat from my diet altogether like, soon because:
wheat+me=angry tummy

I told the guy I went on a date with a few weeks ago that I like him. via email. via facebook. Yes I know that was ridiculously lame of me but I am shy and I am horrible on the phone.
I haven't heard back from him and I sent it like ... 3 weeks ago I think. So I think it's safe to say it's a no go there.

I drove past our soon to be new house today to check on it. It looked pretty. I was about to pull over when I noticed the next door neighbors staring me down. Evidently they thought I was up to no good. I'm guessing they didn't see my totally awesome HP license plate or the rubber ducky sitting on my dash board. Or the fact that I was listening to a Sheri Dew talk.

Speaking of HP, I heard (read) the coolest pick up line the other day. If some guy used this on me I'd be his in a heart beat!

You must be a dementor cuz you take my breath away.

Ummm, can you say freaking awesome? I told it to my mom and she shook her head at me and called me a dork.

I bought and listened to the new Sheri L. Dew talk today
I strongly suggest you get this or download or something. It was truly inspirational and I believe could help every woman in the world today.