Monday, October 10, 2011

THE List

Well, its that time of year again. 
No, not the time that I actually write on this here blog 
(sorry bloggy, you know I wuv you!!). 
It's my birthday! Well, not yet, but soon! Like next week soon! 
Yeah! Happy Day!
So to celebrate I have a made a list of all the things I want you wonderful, generous souls to give me :)
You might think I am joking, but I'm not. I'm fo realzzz yo!
Actually it is a birthday/christmas list which my dear family and friends will refer to when 
wanting to buy me loverly gifts of awesomeness. 
Weird? No! Tacky? Maybe.
However I am lazy and instead of compiling two lists 
to send to my family, I'm just doing it on here for them. 
Because I'm lazy.Did I mention that already? 
And I forgot my book today.

The numero uno most important, most wanted, most needed thing ever in the history of my existence:
preferably cuddling one of these:

or one of these, I'm not picky:

If for some unbeknownst reason you cannot gift me with Aidan Turner 
standing on my doorstep holding a baby/puppy, I will forgive you. 
Heaven knows you tried your best. 
Therefore, the following items will, hopefully, mend my poor romance deprived, babyless heart.

2. Harry Potter Wand 
(mama, you got this right? I hope so!)

3. David Beckham Signature for Her

4. Pearl and the Beard (any cd)

5. Ampersand earrings (found here)

6. Baguette Pan (found here)

7. Better Batter Gluten Free Flour Mix (found here)

8. Move Giftcards