Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas 2009 round 2

These are my favorite pictures from Christmas

classic RyRy

usually he enjoys my hugs...

ladies and gents, Elvis is now in the building


the lovely miss Haley

i was trying to imitate the dance moves in Night at the Roxbury,
I don't think it worked...


christmas 2009

Christmas was awesome this year. I cooked dinner for everyone and it turned out delicious! I had planned to take pics of all of the food once it was ready but I forgot. Too bad cuz it was good and it looked good. I'm just happy everything
was edible cuz that doesn't always happen.... like last year. But we won't talk about that. Here are some pics of the festivities...

the table

the ham

the cook

the eldest niece and the mudder

the brother

the sister-in-law

the little niece

the nephew

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

five minutes ago....

.... I was in the lobby area of my office when Mr. Handsome walked in. I was just about to leave so I walked behind Mr. handsome on my way back to my side of the building when he mentioned that he really didn't want to be here today and asked if I was here all day. I opened my mouth to answer him and took a breath, evidently forgetting that I was still swallowing some water. I choked - a lot - and he kinda chuckled and asked if I was ok. I waived that I was fine and then tried to look as though I had regained my composure by answering his question. "Yes", I choked out, "I'm here all week unfortunately."

He turned around with a puzzled look on his face and said "All week? Even Friday?"

I replied, still trying to hold back my choking coughs,"Yep, though I only work a half day that day. It's next week that I have a couple days off."

"Really?", said he. "What groups do you have that would even be open for anything that day? Or do you just have a lot of work that day?"

I was somewhat puzzled by this time, it's not like we were the only business open on Christmas eve. "No, I have absolutely nothing to occupy my time. But the office is open until 1:00 that day so I'm here."

"Really? On Friday?"

And then it dawned on me, Friday is Christmas not Christmas Eve. facepalm!

"Umm wait, Friday is Christmas huh? Hello! I meant Thursday." > insert nervous laughter < "Uhhh yeah no we're not open that day..."

"Oh, well that's good." he said.

Then I ran away and cried. Not really but my confidence is deflated by like a bagillion percent.

Monday, December 21, 2009

email exchange w/ mr. handsome

So...... I've spoken to my crush, whom we will refer to as Mr. Handsome, three times since he came to our office AND today I exchanged emails with him. I'm an idiot when it comes to guys and sometimes I read too much into things while other times I am totally blind to whats going on.

With that said I have posted our email exchange below. Please tell me what you think. I think I totally lost him, especially at the end. Is it because I didn't ask a question or was he already done with the convo long before then?

Preface: I had gone to a Sant Claus Pub crawl on Friday night with some ladies from work. I normally work half days on Fridays so I had gone home, got all hoochified and then came back to work to meet the girls. Mr. Handsome was still there, getting ready to leave so we chatted for a bit about different things, his plans for the weekend, my plans for that night and how I was the DD, he said being a DD isn't all it's cracked up to be, yadda, yadda, yadda. Needless to say I was on cloud nine after that little exchange. If I had had beer poured over me repeatedly during the night I don't think I would have minded, that's how happy I was.

Today I sent out an email to everyone in the office letting them know their gifts (cookies) were in the break room (which is what the first email by me is)....

>>> Ashley 12/21/2009 9:47 AM >>>
Hi everyone,

Your Christmas treats are in the break room. There's chewy white chocolate coconut cookies, devil's food mint cookie sandwiches and spice maple cookie sandwiches. Enjoy!

>>> Mr. Handsome 12/21/2009 10:00 AM >>>
These are AMAZING! How was the santa crawl last Friday?

>>> Ashley 12/21/2009 10:35 AM >>>
Good, I'm glad you like them :0)

The pub crawl was interesting but good, thank you for asking! Someone actually meowed at me which was really weird but it was nice to hang out with the girls outside of work and get to know them a little bit better. But overall I had a good time.

Did you have a good weekend?

>>> Mr. Handsome 12/21/2009 10:47 AM >>>
Ha ha...okay I'm seriously laughing about the meow! How did you respond?

My weekend was good, but way too short. Luckily this week shouldn't be too bad!

>>> Ashley 12/21/2009 11:14 AM >>>
Obviously I was caught off guard so I just sort of chuckled nervously and backed away. After he left I realized that I probably should have hissed at him. That would have been awesome.

I know, weekends never seem long enough. I seriously can't believe Christmas is only a few days away. I'm sooooo excited! Do you have any fun plans during the holidays?

>>> Mr. Handsome 12/21/2009 11:31 AM >>>
I SO wish you would have hissed at him! Ya, I'm really excited that it's Christmas this week. I'm not ready for it at all, but I think it will come anyway! I don't have anything too exciting...just being off work!

How about you? Any exciting plans...?

>>> Ashley 12/21/2009 12:17 PM >>>
I'm not ready for it yet either. Well, I haven't decorated yet (we still have stuff up from Halloween) nor have I wrapped anyone's presents but at least my shopping is almost done. It's going to be really good though. My brother and his family are coming over for Christmas dinner so I'm excited to try out some new recipes and play with my nieces and nephew.

Taking time off during the holidays is the best. I usually take a week or so off since it's so slow during that time but not this time. I decided to go on a couple vacations over the summer instead so I only have a day or two off.

>>> Mr. Handsome 12/21/2009 1:22 PM >>>
That's no bueno that you only get a couple of days this time. At least you got some good vacations in during the year though.


Yeah I think I totally blew it at the end. Or maybe the whole thing. Maybe he didn't want to chat. Bloody hell I am so confused/flustered!!!!!!



P.S. Avatar = pure AWESOMENESS times like a bagillion. Seriously.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i talked to my crush today....

...for the first time ever. EVER! Oh my gosh he is beautiful. His smile makes my heart melt.



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

twilight happiness

So I'm over the whole China thing. Luckily for me and everyone around me, if I get mad or upset about something I'm usually over it pretty quickly unless it's something truly horrific. Anywho here are some awesome Twilight spoofs for you to enjoy and hopefully make you giggle :0)

Twilight with Cheeseburgers

How Twilight Should Have Ended


can you blame me?

So I'm a little pissed right now. My friend and I were planning going to China next year so she can meet her online BF of three years. I am a pretty protective person when it comes to my friends and family and I wanted to make sure that she didn't get hurt or ya know sold into some sex slavery thing. I've been really, really, really excited about going. I mean come on, it's friggin' CHINA!! I love to travel and just the thought of actually going to a different country and going sightseeing and experiencing another culture was insaneley exciting to me.

Not 20 minutes ago via facebook I found out that evidently we're not going to China anymore. Hmmm.... nobody told me about this! I was seriously contemplating not going on some of my other trips next year just so I could make sure I had enough money for China. Don't get me wrong, if we're not going because she broke up with her BF that's fine. Not a big deal. The thing that makes me so pissed is that she never told me anything. Nothing. At all. I had to find it out from facebook.


Monday, November 30, 2009

super duper happy day

Sooooooo I gave this awesome little book to my nephew for his 8th birthday yesterday and apparently he LOVED it! My brother said that he read it last night when they got home and this morning as soon as he woke up. AWESOME! You may be wondering why I am so excited he liked, nay loved this book. Well I shall tell you my dear ones.

It all started on the night of November 16, 2009 (I remember the day because I have the receipt in front of me for a return). After finishing the amazing book Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson I decided to see if I could purchase some of his other literary masterpieces. Being the wonderful, awesome and adorable person that I am I obviously couldn't wait for the books to be shipped to me so I decided to go to the uber expensive book shop known as Barnes and Noble.
Whilst perusing the SciFi/Fantasy shelves for some much needed reading material I thought about what I was going to get my little buddy for his birthday which was coming up in less than 3 days. Normally I take my nephew to a movie and lunch for his birthday. Sort of like a aunt and nephew date. It's a lot of fun but now that he's getting older I really wanted to give him something that brings me a lot of joy and pleasure (that's what she said) in the hopes that he could learn to love it just as much as I do. I also wanted to help steer him away from the TV and the hoards of video games he had requested for his birthday/Christmas. Anyway, I thought that since I was already at a book store why not look around and see if I can find anything he might like. It was a lot harder than it sounded. I have no idea what his reading level is nor do I know what kind of books he enjoys, if any. Long story short, I spent 45 minutes panicking over what to buy him. Should I go with a comic book on action heroes? Should I pick up this mystery or would it be too scary for him? Or should I get him this adventure book that looks like it might be way past his reading level? What the hell is his reading level? etc. etc. etc.

After freaking out for like ever, I happened upon this adorable book by Cressida Cowell called How to Be a Pirate. What first caught my eye were the characters' names. Things like Dogsbreath, Duhbrain, Snotlout and, of course, Hiccup Horrendous. I knew instantly that my nephew would enjoy the book solely because of the names and I could picture him giggling each time he read them. Secondly, I noticed the illustrations. They were doodles like kids would draw which made me think he might like it even more and could relate to it a little better. Needless to say I picked it up immediately and went on my merry way, thinking and dreaming of his excitement when he'd unwrap his gift.

When I got home I got a call from my brother asking if he could stop by to show me his new car Vedder Avett (named after his two favorite musicians: Eddie Vedder and the Avett Brothers). He said he needed to stop by his house and pick up my niece and nephew and then he'd be over in a few minutes which really meant like 45. I knew I had a while to wait so I decided to read some of Ryan's book to make sure I really had bought a good book for him. I read two chapters myself and then read them over again out loud to my mom because it was just so stinkin' funny and adorable. Seriously. I was contemplating buying them for myself .......uhhh....... I mean my future kids, yeah (ahem). It was just so much fun to read and the author does these little side notes that are just hilarious. And yeah, I think I'm in love.

A while later I heard my brother honking for me outside. I grabbed my coat and ran out to see this very beautiful and stylish Buick Lesabre (hahahahahahahaha). I got in and we were off, driving up into the upper aves while my brother told me about all the nifty gadgets his old man's car had and then demonstrated said gadgets. It was fun until my nephew decided to tell me what he wanted for his birthday. He listed off a bunch of different Nintendo DDS (or whatever, I don't care) games he wanted. I told him thanks but that I had already bought his gift. He asked what it was and after I told him it was a surprise he said... "Well I want a different present". I'm sure that to many of you it's not a big deal. That he's just acting his age. Blah, blah, blah. I was pretty hurt and then angry about it. Here was my sweet little buddy who had never acted this way before and he was now demanding that I get him a different present just because it's not one of the many games he just asked for? Ridiculous. He and my niece are already pretty spoiled and it just bugged me that he was acting the way he was. I mean bloody hell, I had just spent 45 minutes looking for the thing because I wanted to make sure that what I got for him he was going to like, a lot.

A few minutes later my brother dropped me off at home apologizing for the way Ryan was acting. I was really worried. Not necessarily about whether Ryan would like it or not, I knew he would even if he was being a brat. But I was worried that he would turn into a stuck up snob who would have hissy fits if he didn't get exactly what he wanted. I was worried he'd end up like Dudley Dursley who threw a fit in the first HP book because he had less presents than he got the year before. Never mind that quite a few of them were more expensive and bigger than the ones he previously had, he was set on having more no matter what. And that, explain horribly, is what I was most worried about. To me, my favorite presents have always been the ones that had more meaning or sentimental value. The ones where someone was listening to me ramble about something I liked and took note of it. I love that and wanted Ryan to learn to love that too. So I decided that if his attitude hadn't changed by the time he opened the present then I was going to have a nice little chat with him about whats really important (and by nice a do mean nice. I am not a mean person and I find that when giving a life lesson to kids the best way to do it is by conversing with them, nicely).

Anyway, his birthday party got pushed back to yesterday and I was really started to get nervous about what he'd think. And, he loved it. I read the first two chapters to him and my niece before they left and he made sure to tell me that he wanted the other books in the series for Christmas. Done and done buddy, done and done.
So yes, I am a muchos happy Aunt right now.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

let me tell you a thing or two about me

I am a klutz. Like a major klutz. I walk into doors, trip on nothing, fall up the stairs and countless other things. I even almost broke my ankle just by stepping wrong when I went down the stairs.

My first year at girls camp I got hurt every single day I was there.
Day 1) I tripped up the stairs and skinned both knees.
Day 2) I stabbed my lip with a fork.
Day 3) I tripped on a rock and twisted my ankle.
Day 4) a plastic canoe fell on my head and made a big gash on my nose.
Day 5) I forgot to put sun screen on and fried until I was a nice crispy mahogany color.

Why does any of this matter you might ask? Well, I just stabbed myself with a fork AGAIN and now it really hurts.

Just thought ya'll would like to share in pain :0)


Umm New Moon is tonight. I'm going to the 3 AM showing. I know. I'm sooooooooo gonna be dead at work tomorrow morning. But it's worth it. Oh so worth it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the sad, life is horribly sucky post

my life has been really difficult lately. ok scratch that. not difficult per se, more like craptastic. as you all know from my previous post i had a little issue with my jaw moving where it was never intended it to go. that sucked. then i had my birthday which i cried through because of my jaw and those pesky things called hormones. then the next day i went to LA for a 5 day business trip where i worked 14 hours a day and got sick. yes that's right. as if my life had already sucked enough lets add a runny nose, chest congestion, sneezing, sore ears and throat and sinus pressure to the mix. when i got home i stayed in bed for three days and then went on another business trip to Minneapolis for four days. i was finally starting to feel better the day i left and then the day before i came home i started a hacking, wheezing cough, fever, chills and more chest congestion. i went to work and felt like i was going to die so i decided to stay home yesterday and went to the doctor in case i needed to be put down or at the very least quarantined. the doctor came into the room where i was patiently waiting for him and asked about my symptoms and took a swab of my nose for the h1n1 test. he then turned around and asked if my primary care physician had ever mentioned having the lap band procedure done. i said no and he said that i needed to ask my doctor about it because it's helped so many people lose hundreds of pounds. he then began telling me that he thinks the cough is because of "all the extra weight being placed on my chest". needless to say i was speechless, hurt, angry, murderess and, most of all, humiliated. i just couldn't believe that he felt the need to suggest that i have a major surgery done. yes, i know i'm fat but was it really his place to suggest something like this? especially since i was seeing him because i was sick? i just don't understand why/how he could think that the "extra pressure" on my chest could cause my to have flu like symptoms. bloody hell i'd been sick for a week and half, it's not like i gained this weight in a week a half. and i highly doubt that being fat could cause you to have a runny and stuffy nose. what a dick head. seriously. unfortunately, i couldn't say anything to him or ask him why the eff he felt the need to "discuss" it. all i could do was give him my best if-you-say-another-word-i-will-murder-you look. i don't think it worked very well. i left a few minutes later with a prescription for flu medication and antibiotics "just in case" my being sick wasn't caused by fatness. i cannot even begin to explain to you how horrid and disgusting i felt and still feel about me. i didn't feel like going home (i hate letting people see me cry) so i decided to go for a drive to clear my head and hopefully calm down. I ended up at the draper temple and just sat there for a while listening to the motab and crying and pouring my heart out to Heavenly Father. I still feel like the worst person ever today but i do think that my little trip to the temple and my prayer helped calm me. I was actually able to fall asleep last night rather than stay up crying the entire time like i normally would have done.

i don't what this all means. it's just what i'm going through right now.

Monday, October 19, 2009

it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to

yeah, can I just tell you how much today just royally sucked. like majorly sucked. as in the worst birthday i've ever had in my long life of 24 years. seriously. I will break it down for you pictorial style.

1. on the way home from my birthday weekend avec ma mere in the city of cedars my jaw decides it doesn't like it's current abode and shifts to the far left resulting in...

snaggletooth/underbite of horror. sick i know. i won't take it personally if you have to look away. i'd escape it too except... well it's ma face!

2. i go to the emergency room where i pay muchos money for lotso' exrays just to have them say "hey we don't know what's wrong with you but here's a bunch o' pain pills for you to enjoy"
oh gee, thanks doc.

3. wake up this morning to find that a) my face is no longer quite so screwed up, i now just have an under bite and b) loads and loads of pain accompany the unscrewing of ma facial sctructure.

4. go to work on a day that i had originally requested off in january to find a butt load of work to do all whilst trying to contact an oral (haha!) surgeon to look at my jaw
did i mention that i also leave for a business trip tomorrow in the a.m.?

5. called 15 dentist only to be turned away because either: they don't deal with TMJ issues, they don't see new patients on mondays or they don't have an open appointment for a
seriously? that's laaaaaaaammmmmeeee!

6. then i cried...
and cried... and called more dentists... and cried some more

7. and then i worked almost 9 hours straight while trying not to cry anymore.
note the sadness.
yes. i am an awesome stick figureist. word.
and now my dears i must finish packing. gotta be up at 4 in the a.m. tomorrow. yay!
though today might have been a pretty craptastic day, it's crappiness was lessened by the well wishes from all of my friends. i thank and love you all muchos.
also, the fact that my birthday weekend was awesome also helped lessen the pain. thanks mudder pie for such an awesome weekend!

Monday, October 5, 2009

things i heart muchos

I've decided to jump on the band wagon and join the likes of Lauren aka awesome person and do a post on things that I heart muchos.

So, without further ado please welcome my list:

1. My new hair cut.
Adorable right?

2. Ruby Woo lipstick from MAC.

I'm a HUGE mac girl and I about died when I saw this lipstick. It's seriously like the most perfect shade of red

3. TOMs Shoes. Like the coolest thing EVER!

Have you ever heard about what TOMs shoes does? For every pair of shoes you buy they give a pair to a child in need. To learn more click here.

4. Scarves!
I absolutely adore scarves and it's finally getting to be cold enough to wear them. Woot Woot for cold weather!

5. Fall
I'm not sure if there is any other season that is as glorious and vibrant as Fall. The colors are so rich and fiery and the weather. Oh don't even get me started on how much I LOVE the crisp weather that Fall brings.

6. My Birthday

My birthday is coming up in exactly two weeks and GASP!!! I'm gonna be 24.

Holy friggin' Hannah that seems old.

and yes, i am very aware of how awesome my paint skills are. don't be hatin'

7. The Jonas Brothers

I love them. Seriously. I.Love.Them. But, not in the freaky fan girl way. That'd be weird since I'm like a hundred years older than them.

Nick will you you marry me???


8. Toy Story Double Feature in 3D

OK, seriously, best idea EVER!

These movies rock and to have them up on the big screen again is amazing.

But it gets even more amazinger (yes i know how horribly wrong that sentence is) they decided to show both movies not only in 3D but as a double feature. That means you get two movies for the price of one.

And whats even more amazinger-er are the features they made just for the intermission. They quiz kids on movies and have little features for you to watch while you wait.


9. Elder Holland's talk during the October 2009 LDS Conference
Elder Holland's talk left me speechless. The amount of power, conviction and emotion that he is able to bring to each and everyone of his talks just amazes me. I love his no nonsense way of looking at the world and the gospel and I strive to be more like him one day.
To listen to one of the most amazing talks aver click here.

Hope you enjoyed. Now i gotsta get back to work :0(


Monday, August 31, 2009


It's been a long long while my dears. Me + work + school + vacations of awesomeness = no time to post :0(

I just got back today from a weekend spent at the Shakespearean Festival. Can I just tell you how much I love Shakespeare? Seriously. I. Love. Shakespeare. Muchos. Mi madre and I saw three plays this weekend - Henry V, As You Like It and my very most favorite The Comedy of Errors I'm totally crushing on the actor (Quinn Mattfeld) who plays Antipholus of Syracuse. Needless to say, he is a hottie boombalottie - especially when he takes his shirt off in As You like It. The weekend was too short though, especially since I spent most of Saturday sleeping in the most comfortable bed ever made. That's what I get for staying up late trying to clean and ultimately failing. Meh.. it's all good. At least my laundry is done :0)

I went to San Francisco in July for the Harry Potter conference, did you know? Yeah. It was like the coolest thing EVER!!!!!!! I know you're jealous. You should be. I got to hang out with awesome roomies, got to ride elevators with Snape, Dumbledore, Prof. McGonagall, Harry and loads of other awesome witches and wizards, I got to see the 6th HP movie with a bunch of humungo HP fans, I drank a butt load of butter beer (virgin of course!) and got to ride around lots o' trolleys and walked like a thousand miles all over the piers AND i got to walk under sharks and sting rays ad stuff. Not too mention the fact that I got not one but TWO pictures with Percy Weasley. Oh yeah. I am awesome. And you can be awesome too since there's gonna be a n even better HP conference next year on Orlando. Oh yeeeeaaaaahhhh!

Pics of my trip will follow at some point or another.

Oh hey guess what?! I got an A in my math class and a B in my Psych class last semester. I was pretty darn excited. Hopefully this semester will be just as good since I'm trying to do 10 credit hours and work full time. Let's hope :0)

Ok it's 1:18 AM. Time for beddy bye.



Monday, July 6, 2009

i think i may have made someone cry today

The nice part of me feels really bad cuz I hate seeing people cry, especially when I'm the cause. But the other part of me, the boss part, knows it needed to happen and feels that it was done it the best possible way.

I wasn't rude but I also didn't hide how upset I was that such a huge mistake had been made. It should never have happened in the first place. She knows better. I certainly didn't hide the fact that she should have known better, especially since she has been talked to about it before. I told her in absolute sincerity of the many ramifications that could occur because of this issue and why it's against company policy to do exactly what she did.

I probably could have been a little more compassionate but there comes a time when you have to throw away the nice guy attitude and kick some sense into people. Unfortunately, there's really no way to do that with out coming across as a total B&^$%. It sucks. Believe me. I hate being having to be like this cuz it's so not me.

I hate my job on days like this.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

today is the day that something or other happened

That something or other is that Maverick's fountain drink machine was out of Diet Pepsi and my straw broke. What's the big deal? Nothing really, just thought I'd share my pain and sorrow with you. Thanks for listening... err uhhh reading :0)

Sunday was interesting. I felt like a blimp and therefore was super self conscious and then we had a lesson in Sunday school about the Word of Wisdom. This made an already self conscious Ash even more self conscious because I had my hair in a pony tail that day which showed both of my tattoos to everyone behind me all while people were commenting that tattoos defile our bodies. I felt like people were staring at me making judgements. I'm sure most if not all of it was in my head but I get paranoid when I'm feeling more than awful about... well ... me. Anywho, later that night as I was getting ready for bed I started thinking about the lesson and how amazing Heavenly Father is. Why is he amazing? For a plethora of reasons, but in this case it's because I had seriously been thinking about getting another tattoo while on vacation in San Fran. I find it so amazing and funny that right when I'm thinking about this we have a lesson on the very same thing. It made me think about why it is that I adhere to the no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, no coffee, etc, etc rules and yet fr some reason the no tattoo guideline holds no sway over me. I was thinking about how hypocritical it is for me to be ok with the one while I'm not with the others and about how if I make concessions for one thing, then I'll start making concessions for other things and then I'll probably wind up a chain smoking 25 year old with 16 children from 16 different men....probably not but still. When you let one thing slide you normally start to let other things slide. Not a good thing, especially since I''m trying really hard to come back to the church.

In other news, I bought a really cool church book for converts. Although I have been a member of the church for most of my life (converted when I was 9) I really don't know much about the church or it's principles. Anyway, I've read two chapters of it thus far and am totally loving it. They add a great sense of humor to their explanations for a lot of the things in the church that converts get confused by.

In even more other news, I had the great privilege of writing a somewhat angry letter to one of Westminster's deans on behave of one of my agents. It was super fun since most of the time when I want to write an angry letter or reply I can't because then I'd be fired. Don't worry, I wasn't rude or anything, just straightforward and yeah.. it was great.

I have homework to do so I shall say adieu.


P.S. I facebook/blogger stalked the guy from my ward again, yesterday and today though not nearly as much so that's both a good sign and a bad sign.

P.S.S. I walked next to above mentioned guy on Sunday going from Sunday school to the chapel. I wanted to say something to him but all I could come up with was (referring to the walk to the chapel where everyone is packed together in a narrow hallway) "Don't you feel like cattle making the long, slow walk to be butchered?" Yeah, that was lame... especially since I was referring to us going to Sacrament meeting. So I said and did nothing. I should have smiled... yeah that would have been smart. sigh....

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i'm a little embarrassed

I spent the majority of yesterday stalking a guy from my ward via facebook and blogger. That in and of itself isn't too worrisome since I do it to most movie stars. The problem with it now? There is a good chance that I will speak to this person at some point in the future and now I'm a little... ok a LOT embarrassed by the amount of time I actually spent cyber stalking him.

I'm going to blame it all on how bored I was at work yesterday... the fact that I did it once I got home from work is neither here nor there... seriously...

I'm starting to remind myself of that crazy girl from the movie "He's Just Not That Into You" which scares me because she had issues, major issues...

I need help.


Friday, June 12, 2009


I found my old blog from 2005/2006 a few days ago. While reading some of the posts I realized how much I have changed and why that would happen. The majority of it stems from moving into "the house". I remember being so excited about moving out and becomingN dult, able to make my own decisions and be independent (even though I was only 1/2 mile from my mom). While there were some definite good times and I have learned so much from the experience, I sometimes wish that I hadn't moved out. I've had to and will probably always have to deal with issues that I have because of living at that house. It makes me wonder if I would choose to do it all over again. Most days I say yes because I'm not one to have regrets but some days, sad days, depressing days I think there's no way I'd ever do it again. Too much pain, too much sorrow and loneliness came out of that experience. I know I'm damaged from what occurred there but I'm also stronger in some ways. It's just deciding that the strength I have gained makes all the bad stuff worth it.

Anywho, check out my old blog located in the "My Blog List" section.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

i make things @ work sometimes

If work is super slow I sometimes draw fake tattoos on people or I draw death warnings on my friend's cigarette packs. Today I did something a little different...

Yup... it's true. I. am. AWESOME.


This fine example of my artistic prowess in no way promotes the smoking of "death sticks" because they are bad and cause lots of sickness and death hence the name "DEATH sticks"

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

it's finally happened!

After three and half weeks of fake baking I can proudly say that I am tan... sorta... maybe "dark white" would be a better description. Call it what you will the fact remains that I will not blind people with my uber white skin while rocking out my in MOH dress at the wedding. Excited? Very.

I attended my niece's school play over the weekend. They did the "Twelve Dancing Princesses" or something like that. Anyway, it was cute but not as good as their last play, "Seussical the Musical". There was one very awesome thing about the play though - the kid who played the king shaved the top part of his head to make it look like he going was bald. I give him and his parents props for letting him do that. I wanted to take pics and would have but alas I suck and haven't bought a memory card for my camera yet. Soon... after the wedding... hopefully.

I suck... a lot. Why? Well many reasons really, but I won't get into all of them today. Mainly my sucky-ness right now is based upon the fact that I'm an idiot when it comes to guys. Yesterday I was driving to the tanning salon after work and happened to look at the car to my right. It was a hot guy - a really hot guy - in a nice car with a big puppy checking me out. Checking me out!?! The smart thing to do would be to at least smile at him, maybe wave, try and get his attention at a stop light and maybe exchange numbers or, you know, make out or whatever. Did I do any of these things? Nuh uh. Why? Cuz I'm an idiot and I suck and I freak out when a guy acts even remotely interested in me. Why? I suck, I'm an idiot and I have a hard time believing that guys could be interested in me ... period.

Yes, I have issues. Don't judge.

In other news, I'd like to give a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one Zachary Quinto - brilliant actor and hottie extraordinaire.

He's in the new Star Trek movie. He plays Spock or as I like to call him "Spocktavious" Why? I have no idea. It just popped into my head when I was watching the movie for the 3rd time (yes, it really is THAT good) on Saturday. Could it be because he looks like a Greek god? Mayhaps.

He also plays Sylar in the TV series Heroes which amazingly enough I finally started watching about a month ago. It's awesome and I think I might be addicted to it as well.

Anywho, I need to leave so...


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

mosaic of me-ness

12 questions answered by doing a google immage search. You have to pick an image from the very first page that comes up.

1. What is your name? Ashley
2. What is your favorite food? Macaroni and Cheese
3. What is your hometown? Salt Lake City
4. What is your favorite color? Green
5. What is your favorite movie? Braveheart
6. What is your favorite drink? Shirley Temple
7. What is your dream vacation? Scotland
8. What is your favorite dessert? Red Velvet Cake
9. What is one word to describe yourself? Awesome
10. How are you feeling right now? BORED
11. What do you love most in the world? Family
12. What do you want to be when you grow up? Mom


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

me @ work

'nuff said.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

25 things about me

1. I am terrified of heights. Not just scared but terrified. I went rock climbing at Dick's sports one time and got about 5 feet off the ground before I started freaking out and had to come back down.

2. I like to change my hair color often. I've had blonde hair, red hair, black hair, brown hair, pink hair, and a combo of black, red and blonde.

3. My family means the world to me.

4. My ideal career is a professional student. That way I could learn everything I wanted to know about anything that interests me and still get paid.

5. If for some reason I had to go into hiding I think I'd change my name to either Leery MacGregor or Ashe DeGarre.

6. I've been an extra in three Disney movies and can be seen twice in The Luck of the Irish.

7. Men are supposed to be hairy so please stop shaving your legs, forearms and chests – it’s not cool. The only time you should opt for hair removal is if you have a hairy back.

8. I hate shaving my legs. Once I had become so frustrated with the whole process that I shaved one leg but not the other.

9. I like movies that don’t end happily – they’re more realistic.

10. I have a really hard time trusting people and am therefore very guarded. Only a select few actually know the real me- what makes me tick, my thoughts, my worries, etc.

11. I am truly grateful for my mom and the examples she has set for me, both good and bad. She is my best friend.

12. I have a little brother named Matthew that I haven’t seen since he was a few days old. I’d like to meet him some day but that would probably mean having to see my father as well and that’s something I’m not interested in.

13. I am grateful that we have writers such as J.R.R. Tolkein, J.K. Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, George R.R. Martin, Lynn Abbey, Patricia A. McKillip, Patricia Brigs and so many more who bring to life characters and worlds that we all love and wish we were a part of.

14. I am a big believer in taking personal time between relationships to get reacquainted with the new you. All experiences and people change us in some way. When a relationship ends you’re a different person than when it started and I think taking time to find out who you are now as a person before dating again is very important.

15. I still feel like I am partly to blame for my brother’s death. I know I’m not but I still feel like it.

16. Sitting in perfect silence with someone without feeling awkward is wonderful.

17. Toilet time is personal time. Do not under any circumstances use the toilet when someone else is in the bathroom getting ready. The only exception to this is if the person is in the shower - unless you make a stinky.

18. I am sad that everything is so impersonal now, especially correspondence. I wish hand written letters were still the norm. I love reading letters that were written from years ago. They’re more personal and have the depth of history that emails will never have.

19. I was 19 when I got my first cell phone.

20. I want to learn French, Finnish, Russian, Gaelic and Latin. I’ve never wanted to learn Spanish for some reason.

21. I hate Opera. I went to see Madame Butterfly for my last birthday and it was about as lame as lame can be. The music was pretty but the dialogue was horrendous and the actors were like wooden stick figures going from mark to mark.

22. My one goal in life is to be happy.

23. I prefer rainy/cloudy days to sunny days.

24. I like my steak rare almost to the point you can still hear it mooing.

25. I love the freckles on my niece’s nose and the way my nephew’s eyes almost disappear when he grins.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

funny phone calls on the job and when i say funny i mean annoying as hell.

I manage a call center where we book hotel reservations and registrations for conferences and events around the country. Most of the time the calls we get are pretty straight forward though we do get our share of strange/stupid calls. This is one of my more memorable calls:

(mid call)

Caller: What hotels do you have available?

Me: As of right now we only have the Shilo Inn available for your dates.

Caller: What about the Marriott? Do you have that one available?

Me: No, we only have the Shilo Inn available.

Caller: Oh.... well how about the Radisson. Is that available?

Me: No. The only hotel we have available for the conference is the Shilo Inn. We do not have availability at any of the other hotel properties right now.

Caller: Hmmm, well okay. Are you sure you don't have the Marriott available?

Me: Yes, the ONLY hotel we have available is the Shilo Inn.

Caller: Okay, well how far is the Sheelo from the convention center?

Me: The Shilo is across the street from the south entrance of the convention center.

Caller: Is that close?

Me: Yes, it's across the street.

Caller: Is that across like a highway or something?

Me: No, it's across the street.

Caller: Okay, so how many blocks is that?

Me: It's like a 1/6 of a block, if that. It's right across the street from the convention center. It would take you two minutes at most to get there and that's if you have to wait for a light.

Caller: Oh okay so it's close then?

Me: Yes it is very close.

Caller: And how far is it coming back?

Me: ......... Ummm, I'm not sure I understand the question. Coming back from where?

Caller: From the convention center.

Me: ......................................................... It's the same distance.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

who ever thought of the saying "beauty is pain" had it right. damn these extensions!

I got a few extensions in my hair on Friday when I went to the salon. I've been sick of my blonde hair for a while and decided to add some black here and there to give it a bit of a kick. It looks great and I love it because it's definitely more me than the last few cuts/colors I've had. They're a hassle though. I have to be very careful not to get shampoo and conditioner on them, they hurt when they are not lying on my flat on my head and evidently wearing a beanie causes severe pain as does having my hair in a pony tail or bobby pins to hold back my hair when I'm washing my face. They're too much work and I don't like to put forth much effort when getting ready. Not to say that I roll out of bed and immediately go to work without washing my face, combing my hair (although if my hair looks ok I will sometimes leave it uncombed) and looking unpresentable (is that a word?). It's just that once I do all of that, that's it. I don't primp through out the day. I don't re-apply my makeup or change outfits unless its from work clothes to pajamas. It's simple and easy and that's the way I like things.


If I ever mention wanting to get extensions again please remind me of how much I hate them, how much of a hassle they are, and the nasty smell that occurs when I briefly go over them with my straightener not to mention the pain they cause if jostled. If I don't believe you I give you full permission to slap me around a bit to knock some sense into me. This also goes for when/if I get the urge to have bangs again.


Monday, April 6, 2009

sorority life - REALLY!?!?!?!?!?

A few weeks ago one of my co-workers talked me into joining Sorority Life on facebook. I was a little hesitant about it since I'm not really into shopping and name brand stuff but it was a super boring day at the office so I joined. It's.. interesting. I mainly just like playing the games on it and seeing my bank account gain more and more mulah since I know I'll probably never have that much cash in real life ((I think i have like $650,000 now!!! wootwoot))). Anywho, last week this girl tried to attack me and lost twice so she slapped me like 7 times (wtf!?!) I put her on a burn list to see what it would actually do and because I can't believe she slapped me 7 times. Well now she puts me on her burn list everyday so other people can attack me to the point where I lose all my confidence and some other point thingies. Anyway, it kinda bugs me that she's taking it so personally, especially since I really only like to put money into my bank account and play the bejeweled type game.So.... I think I might quit it and just play bejeweled.

Also, I didn't brush my hair today.



Have I ever mentioned that I suck at posting? No? Well guess what, I suck at posting.Random thought while on the pot.Ever wonder why in some public bathrooms there's a drain or two or three in the middle of the floor when there's no shower or tub? I was looking at the one in our work bathroom floor and realized that they put it there in case the toilet overflows, that way it can drain immediately instead of sitting on the floor and getting all nasty.


First post - HAPPY DAY!!!

I'm me and you're you. Nice to meet you.
I don't have much time to write today but here are some things about me:
* I'm a Harry Potter fanatic
* I enjoy getting tattoos
* If I could turn into any magical being/creature I'd either be a vampire or an elf
* Cake is the best thing ever created
* Action movies totally ROCK!!
* I think the cartoons playing nowadays are so totally lame