Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 is gonna rock your (my) socks off!

Oh hello.

Hows it goin? Good? Good.

Yeah things are going pretty well here. No compalints. Ok that was a lie. I have complaints. More like annoyances really. But lets not talk about that. Lets talk about something different. Something that nobody else in the world is talking about right now, nope not one single person. Lets talk about....


yay, aren't you so freaking excited?? I know I am!  :D

So I am not going to talk about last year's resolutions because they were a bust. However, I will tell you some pretty kick ass news about something else I posted, specifically about turning 25. In my post I was talking about how I wanted to make my 25th year the best year of my life thus far. I know its only been a couple of months but I can honestly say mission accomplished!!! Booo-freaking-yaaaaahhhh!

I don't know what it was exactly but something inside me just clicked and I realized that I need to stop sitting on my butt compalining about how I never do anything and never see anyone and just get out there and do. Be proactive. I've made  apoint of spending time with my friends and actually like contatcing them. I've made it  a point tio accept invites to parties and to be socialable. I'm even talking on the phone again. For long periods of time. Do you have any idea how huge that is for me?????? I used to HATE talking on the phone. My longest phone calls were to my mom an dthey'd usually last about 5 minutes. But now, I can just talk, and talk and talk. And I like it. It's been so much fun catching up with friends and it's made me realize that I'm not boring. I have things to say, thoughts to share, stories to tell, etc. It's been great!

One of the best things that has come from this is that I a lot more confidence. I don't fee l like some weird loner girl who has no one. I feel like awesome and loved, not just by other people but by myself as well.

It's seriously been fantastic and I cant wait for the awesomeness to continue!

Ok so now for this year's goals:

 1.  Live a healthier lifestyle - this is one from 2010's goals which is still something I need to work on in a big way. As I've always said, I don't want to be stick thin. I don't care about the number on the scale, it is what it is. I care more about how I feel and right now I don't feel healthy. I want to get back to the way I felt in High School. I was still definitely over weight then but I was eating well and exercising regularly. I could drop to the floor and give you 50 sit ups with no problem. And whats more is that I actually enjoyed it! I loved learning new techniques and feeling the burn that comes when you use your muscles.

This year I want to get back to that. It's going to be hard especially with the schedule I have come March but I can and will do it.

2. Be more involved in church - this is also from 2010's list. I have a difficulttime explaining why this one is such a big issue for me. All my reasons sound and probably are petty and ridiculous but they're big enough to stop me from fully committing myself to the gospel. I love it. I do. And I know that my life has always been better when I make it a priority but I am still struggling. I just need to man up and grow a pair. (was that a little too sacrilegious?)

3. Be a more positive/nicer person - part of this is from 2010 again. I'm starting to think I should have put more work into those sheesh! Generally I don't think of myself as bad or mean or negative person but I do find that I tend to swing that way pretty easily, especially when I'm driving. This year I want to be better about taking a breather when I start to feel/get this way and reflect on why its happening and how I can turn it into something more positive.

4. Date more - maybe this should be at the top of my list? I don't if many of you know this but I had a very, very long dry spell in the dating department. Three years to be exact. Well maybe four, but I think it was three. Anyway, it was a long time.

In teh beginning I took a haitus because I was just having one bad date right after the other. It was like all the guys had joined forces to ensure that each date got worse. The final straw was when this guy brought his friend with him and talked to him the entire night, completely ignoring me. Right around the time I was about to start dating again was when things in my personal life got messy and I ended up with some pretty big issues that needed work asap. It took me a long, long time to work through these issues because I was scared. So very scared of living again and opening myself up to people again. Issues that are just now finally being resolved.

I do want to get married some day and start a family. But that day will never come if i don't date more often. I'm now getting back into the dating scene but need to make more of an effort in 2011.

5. Get a handle on my finances - bloody hell I hate money and my relationship with it. I really need to reevaluate my budget and plan something that is more livable than what I have right now. It may mean extending the time it will take to pay off my debt but that is okay if it means I can stay within my means more easliy.

umm ok love ya bye  


grant + brittany

wow. this is a great list. you are so introspective... good luck with your goals! you will do great.