Monday, May 9, 2011

Friends of Armadillos Club

Several nights ago I dreamt that I had an armadillo. An armadillo named Dillon. I loved Dillon the armadillo so much that I started a Friends of Armadillos Club where fellow armadillo enthusiast could come together and "dork out" among their peers.

I had set up meetings for the club in a place that resembled that episode of The Simpson Treehouse of Horrors where homer get trapped in a 3rd dimension. The one where he throws a triangle and it punctures the floor and creates a black hole that he gets sucked through just to pop out in the "real" human world. Do you know what episode I'm talking about? It was weird.

Anyway ....

These meetings happened to occur at the same time my alarm clock would go off. Each time my alarm went off I would suddenly appear in the 3rd dimension type room, wait for a few seconds for others to arrive and then leave when they didn't show up. This kept happening over and over again. After a while I got really upset that no one was coming to the meetings. Suddenly, several people appeared with their armadillos in tow. They were not very happy with me because I would always leave just as they were arriving. Once they said this I remembered thinking to myself "Oh yeah, that makes sense". Then we all linked arms and skipped down the yellow brick road into the sunset/rainbow. At least, thats what would have happened had I not woken up.


Alexa Mae

Bahahaa!!! Dillon the armadillo huh? Well if only you could get one in real life...