Thursday, November 19, 2009

let me tell you a thing or two about me

I am a klutz. Like a major klutz. I walk into doors, trip on nothing, fall up the stairs and countless other things. I even almost broke my ankle just by stepping wrong when I went down the stairs.

My first year at girls camp I got hurt every single day I was there.
Day 1) I tripped up the stairs and skinned both knees.
Day 2) I stabbed my lip with a fork.
Day 3) I tripped on a rock and twisted my ankle.
Day 4) a plastic canoe fell on my head and made a big gash on my nose.
Day 5) I forgot to put sun screen on and fried until I was a nice crispy mahogany color.

Why does any of this matter you might ask? Well, I just stabbed myself with a fork AGAIN and now it really hurts.

Just thought ya'll would like to share in pain :0)


Umm New Moon is tonight. I'm going to the 3 AM showing. I know. I'm sooooooooo gonna be dead at work tomorrow morning. But it's worth it. Oh so worth it.