Tuesday, December 22, 2009

five minutes ago....

.... I was in the lobby area of my office when Mr. Handsome walked in. I was just about to leave so I walked behind Mr. handsome on my way back to my side of the building when he mentioned that he really didn't want to be here today and asked if I was here all day. I opened my mouth to answer him and took a breath, evidently forgetting that I was still swallowing some water. I choked - a lot - and he kinda chuckled and asked if I was ok. I waived that I was fine and then tried to look as though I had regained my composure by answering his question. "Yes", I choked out, "I'm here all week unfortunately."

He turned around with a puzzled look on his face and said "All week? Even Friday?"

I replied, still trying to hold back my choking coughs,"Yep, though I only work a half day that day. It's next week that I have a couple days off."

"Really?", said he. "What groups do you have that would even be open for anything that day? Or do you just have a lot of work that day?"

I was somewhat puzzled by this time, it's not like we were the only business open on Christmas eve. "No, I have absolutely nothing to occupy my time. But the office is open until 1:00 that day so I'm here."

"Really? On Friday?"

And then it dawned on me, Friday is Christmas not Christmas Eve. facepalm!

"Umm wait, Friday is Christmas huh? Hello! I meant Thursday." > insert nervous laughter < "Uhhh yeah no we're not open that day..."

"Oh, well that's good." he said.

Then I ran away and cried. Not really but my confidence is deflated by like a bagillion percent.


Kate Weber

Don't let that bother you. I'm sure he thought your nerves were cute. :D

Cute blog. I love the layout!