Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the time my nerdiness became extremely apparent

la cheryl: "Hmmm, I wonder where Rivendell is."
me: "Rivendell?!?"
la cheryl: "Yes, Rivendell."
me: "Rivendell is in Middle Earth."
la cheryl: "Middle Earth, huh? Well I'm sure it is but where in Middle Earth?"
me: "I don't know. But it's where Lord Elrond lives along with the other elves."
la cheryl: "......I said Riverdale."
me: "oh..."

(joe from around the corner): "Nnnnnneeeeeeerrrrrrrrddddd!"


Kate Weber

That is so awesome! I'm going to admit, Lord of the Rings is my number one obsession. So if you're a nerd, so am I. And proud to be so babe. Trust me, a little nerdiness simply adds to personality appeal! Love it!

Alexa Mae

bahaha!! oh my gosh this is seriously awesome!!!! i love it.


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