Monday, August 23, 2010

random thoughts and confessions

Did I ever tell you that I found two grey hairs on my head a couple weeks ago? Well guess what, it's not just two anymore. I have like a whole community of grey hairs in one little spot on my head. This spot just so happens to be where my mom has a streak of grey hair. When I called her practically in tears about it she was like "Oh yeah i started getting grey hair in my 20's too." Needless to say I was pretty pissed. Why wasn't I warned about this before? If turning 25 wasn't freaking me out enough lets add premature greying to it as well.

I didn't brush my hair before I left this morning. In fact, I still haven't brushed it. I wish I could say this was unusual but its not.

I hate getting ready.

My nephew informed me that I am going to hell if I don't get married.

Speaking in an Italian accent for a couple hours with a 12 year old is probably the most fun you will ever have.

I'm more afraid of turning 26 than 25 because it means that I will be older than my brother Nate will ever be. He will forever be stuck at 25 and it feels wrong for me to pass him, to go on living and aging when he isn't.

I wonder if there will be cake in Heaven. I sure hope so.

One of the biggest reasons I can't decide what degree I want is because I really just want to be a wife and mother.

I hope that whomever I marry can understand and hopefully relate to my undying love for all things Harry Potter. Someone who can share in my excitement of running around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park like a kid on crack. An ADHD kid on crack. In a crack store.


Elizabeth :D

I just bought another box of hair dye today for the same reason. I started going Grey in my teens believe it or not. Thank goodness for that 10 dollar potion in a box.


Don't worry, there are understanding husbands out there. I informed my husband that he would be taking me to Harry Potter world soon and we need to start saving money now because I'm going to buy anything and everything I want. I did this all while hopping back and forth from one foot to the other squealing. He's very patient :)

Alexa Mae

I have yet to discover my first gray hair but I am afraid to look because I know they are there somewhere. I am scared to turn 25 too. Not cool.
I believe there's cake in Heaven. I know they celebrate holidays and have food! So why not cake? I only want to be a wife and mother but now am realizing that I may NEED to get a job. So pray about it. You will get a degree in whatever feels right. I envy you!




In my first year of teaching I found 3 gray hairs... I named them after students( being that it was their fault) and then found joy in plucking them out!