Monday, October 19, 2009

it's my birthday and i'll cry if i want to

yeah, can I just tell you how much today just royally sucked. like majorly sucked. as in the worst birthday i've ever had in my long life of 24 years. seriously. I will break it down for you pictorial style.

1. on the way home from my birthday weekend avec ma mere in the city of cedars my jaw decides it doesn't like it's current abode and shifts to the far left resulting in...

snaggletooth/underbite of horror. sick i know. i won't take it personally if you have to look away. i'd escape it too except... well it's ma face!

2. i go to the emergency room where i pay muchos money for lotso' exrays just to have them say "hey we don't know what's wrong with you but here's a bunch o' pain pills for you to enjoy"
oh gee, thanks doc.

3. wake up this morning to find that a) my face is no longer quite so screwed up, i now just have an under bite and b) loads and loads of pain accompany the unscrewing of ma facial sctructure.

4. go to work on a day that i had originally requested off in january to find a butt load of work to do all whilst trying to contact an oral (haha!) surgeon to look at my jaw
did i mention that i also leave for a business trip tomorrow in the a.m.?

5. called 15 dentist only to be turned away because either: they don't deal with TMJ issues, they don't see new patients on mondays or they don't have an open appointment for a
seriously? that's laaaaaaaammmmmeeee!

6. then i cried...
and cried... and called more dentists... and cried some more

7. and then i worked almost 9 hours straight while trying not to cry anymore.
note the sadness.
yes. i am an awesome stick figureist. word.
and now my dears i must finish packing. gotta be up at 4 in the a.m. tomorrow. yay!
though today might have been a pretty craptastic day, it's crappiness was lessened by the well wishes from all of my friends. i thank and love you all muchos.
also, the fact that my birthday weekend was awesome also helped lessen the pain. thanks mudder pie for such an awesome weekend!