Wednesday, February 3, 2010

it's a giveaway!!!

I decided to do a give away because I am in the mood to bake some cookies!
Up for grab are some very muchos delicious chewy white chocolate coconut cookies.
They're good. Like, seriously good!
Don't believe me?
They're so good that Mr. Handsome himself ate like two dozen of them!
True story.

How can you win batch of these delightfully delicious cookies?

Just post a funny/interesting/embarrassing story or factoid about yourself in the comments section! No need to be a follower, this is open to anyone and everyone (so tell your friends!)


Story: My very first date was with a senior at school who I was like, literally Dinner had gone really well (we all got kids meals) and there were no awkward moments between any of us. We had planned to go to a movie but that fell through so instead we decided to go cosmic (black light) bowling. The place was jam packed so we had to wait a few minutes for a lane to open up. While waiting I notice that everyone who walked past us kept giving me really weird looks. I had no idea what was going on so my friend Rainy and I went to the bathroom. While in the bathroom I couldn't see anything wrong with my face, hair, clothes nothing. Weird, right? We walked out of the well lit bathroom back into the black lights where again, people immediately started giving me weird looks. I looked down and lo and behold my bra was glowing through my shirt. Every single detail of the pattern was fully visible for the world (and my date) to see.

Factoid: My eyes were bright blue like the rest of my family until I was 12 when they changed to green. My eyes will change from one color to the other on a regular basis but will normally stay some sort of green unless I get really angry or sad. If that happens then they go straight back to blue.

Giveaway ends Thursday 2/11 at 7:00 PM mountain time.




My eyes did the same thing. I was born with baby blue's then around 12 or 13 they changed to green. Now a days they are either some form of green or blue with gold around the pupil. This is Elizabeth btw! Hi! *waves* *takes a cookie*

Random story: I have had this wicked scar on my right hand for as long as I can remember. I got it from taking a curling iron to my hand when I was two. Awesome part was I could always tell my right hand from my left when I was growing up. My feet are a different story. My mom had to sharpie L and R on my shoes until I was 7 so I wouldn't put them on the wrong feet.


Random Story: Once I decided to freeze my credit cards, literally, in the freezer. I did this to stop myself from spending on them. So one day I was trying to register my card for online bill payment I had written dwn the numbers from the cards for occasions like this but, one of the sites required the cvv code from the back of the card. I thought to myself "Well, if I don't do this right now I will forget to do it later" So I decided that the fastest way to defrost my cards would be to put the container in the microwave for a minute or two. The problem with this thought is that credit cards are magnetic and my American Express card had a micro chip in it. So needless to say, I blew up the cards, the cup they were in and burned the inside of the microwave. My house smelled like burned plastic for weeks. Poor roomates!


Natalie Rausch

My funny story: When I was 5 I went to the state fair with my family and we always went to see the animals first and I loved to pet the sheep. So I ran up to the first one I could reach through the pen to pet his head. When I reached my arm out the sheep sneezed icky goop all over my head, face, and hair. It was everywhere! I was really startled and upset and started to cry, and I think everyone there was laughing except my Grandma. She pulled tissues out of her purse and started cleaning me up. I was pretty traumatized, so dad got me cotton candy. :)