Monday, April 4, 2011

serious post about cheese

I would like to talk to you today about something very dear to my heart: my favorite cheeses.

What? Are you laughing? HOW DARE YOU!!!!! Cheese is no laughing matter, sir and/or madame! Cheese is one of the few things that brings happiness to life. Cheese makes everything better. I'll have you know that not liking cheese is akin to hating puppies, rainbows, sunshine and America!

ahem... So without further ado, I give you my top 5 cheeses (in ascending order)

5. Brie

I first came into contact with brie a few years ago at a darling Scottish restaurant located on 1300 East. The brie was served warm and slightly fried, as is Scottish tradition, with slices of green apples and a raspberry puree. To say this dish was amazing would be an under statement. My roommates and I devoured the thing and almost bought another. Although the Scottish restaurant is no longer open :( this cheese has now made it to my favorites list because of their dish.

4. Cheddar

Cheddar - oh how I love thee! I don't remember a time when cheddar wasn't a part of my life. Whether it be medium or sharp, yellow or white I love it. Probably one of my favorite dishes containing cheddar would be my grandpa's tuna fish spread. This stuff is made of legends and we guard it most diligently (not really). My grandpa says he came up with the recipe by "taking all the things no one else liked so I wouldn't have to share it". It  contains the usual suspects like tuna fish and mayo relish but the key ingredients are a sharp white cheddar (must be Cracker Barrell) and a butt load of jalapenos. You would think that with the amount of jalapenos we use that you couldn't taste much of anything else. But you'd be wrong. The white cheddar is a perfect complement to the the jalapenos. It tempers the heat a bit all while adding a tang and creaminess that is just as powerful.

3. Havarti

Not much to say other than I love it! It is uber creamy and has a beautiful light taste that is not over powering but can still hold its own.

2. Muenster

This is probably my favorite sandwich cheese. I'm not a fan of mustard but I like to have a little kick when eating my ham sammiches. In comes the muenster. Just as creamy as Havarti but it has a nice powerful pungent taste that I just love!

1. Chevres (Goat Cheese)

My all time favorite kind of cheese ever. EVER! It is creamy and rich and earthy and delectable! My eyes were opened and my world changed for ever when my mom took me to a spectacular restaurant called Baci's. This restaurant, which has been closed for many years now much to my chagrin, had amazing food. The best I have ever had. On this particular afternoon, my mom and I felt a little adventurous and decided to get an appetizer of rosemary pita bread served with goat cheese and of dash balsamic vinegar. I was a little hesitant at first, but after my initial bite I was hooked. It had the most glorious flavor I had ever tasted. It was earthy, gamey but not disturbingly so. And its creaminess was almost sinful. I ate almost the entire plate, becoming more and more in love with each bite. And that love has only grown. Now, if I ever see anything on a menu that contains goat cheese I order it. Hands down. No questions asked. Because cheese, especially goat cheese, makes everything better.



ahhh i love cheese! this is the coolest post over! i am obsessed with is soooo good. and hey, thank you so much for your sweet comment today. it really meant a lot to me and made my day :) you are awesome ashley. i hope you know that!