Saturday, April 2, 2011


So I haven't been around much lately. Or at all, really. It's certainly not because I don't have anything to write about. Because I do. Life has been pretty interesting as of late.

No, the biggest issue regarding the lack of posts comes down to confidence. For a while I was reading several blogs that were extremely witty, funny, intelligent, etc. and it made me feel a little ashamed of my own blog. I started feeling like my blog (and therefore me (or is it I?)) wasn't even remotely funny enough, witty enough or smart enough to write  a blog that anyone would want to read. :(

Sadly, this has been a theme in my life for quite some time. Always comparing myself to others and always coming to the conclusion that I, Ashley Garrett, fall horribly, disturbingly short.

Luckily for you, but especially for me, I am now working through these ridiculous and irrational thoughts and have come to realize this: I enjoy writing. I enjoy blogging. Just because someone else has a funny/witty/intelligent blog out there does not mean that my blog is worthless. Or less than theirs. It's just different. And that is just fine. It's better than fine actually!

So, I guess what I am saying is that I am back people :)


After writing this I did a spell check and nothing needed to be fixed. I repeat NOTHING NEEDED TO BE FIXED!! That, my friends, is a freaking miracle!