Wednesday, April 15, 2009

funny phone calls on the job and when i say funny i mean annoying as hell.

I manage a call center where we book hotel reservations and registrations for conferences and events around the country. Most of the time the calls we get are pretty straight forward though we do get our share of strange/stupid calls. This is one of my more memorable calls:

(mid call)

Caller: What hotels do you have available?

Me: As of right now we only have the Shilo Inn available for your dates.

Caller: What about the Marriott? Do you have that one available?

Me: No, we only have the Shilo Inn available.

Caller: Oh.... well how about the Radisson. Is that available?

Me: No. The only hotel we have available for the conference is the Shilo Inn. We do not have availability at any of the other hotel properties right now.

Caller: Hmmm, well okay. Are you sure you don't have the Marriott available?

Me: Yes, the ONLY hotel we have available is the Shilo Inn.

Caller: Okay, well how far is the Sheelo from the convention center?

Me: The Shilo is across the street from the south entrance of the convention center.

Caller: Is that close?

Me: Yes, it's across the street.

Caller: Is that across like a highway or something?

Me: No, it's across the street.

Caller: Okay, so how many blocks is that?

Me: It's like a 1/6 of a block, if that. It's right across the street from the convention center. It would take you two minutes at most to get there and that's if you have to wait for a light.

Caller: Oh okay so it's close then?

Me: Yes it is very close.

Caller: And how far is it coming back?

Me: ......... Ummm, I'm not sure I understand the question. Coming back from where?

Caller: From the convention center.

Me: ......................................................... It's the same distance.