Tuesday, April 7, 2009

who ever thought of the saying "beauty is pain" had it right. damn these extensions!

I got a few extensions in my hair on Friday when I went to the salon. I've been sick of my blonde hair for a while and decided to add some black here and there to give it a bit of a kick. It looks great and I love it because it's definitely more me than the last few cuts/colors I've had. They're a hassle though. I have to be very careful not to get shampoo and conditioner on them, they hurt when they are not lying on my flat on my head and evidently wearing a beanie causes severe pain as does having my hair in a pony tail or bobby pins to hold back my hair when I'm washing my face. They're too much work and I don't like to put forth much effort when getting ready. Not to say that I roll out of bed and immediately go to work without washing my face, combing my hair (although if my hair looks ok I will sometimes leave it uncombed) and looking unpresentable (is that a word?). It's just that once I do all of that, that's it. I don't primp through out the day. I don't re-apply my makeup or change outfits unless its from work clothes to pajamas. It's simple and easy and that's the way I like things.


If I ever mention wanting to get extensions again please remind me of how much I hate them, how much of a hassle they are, and the nasty smell that occurs when I briefly go over them with my straightener not to mention the pain they cause if jostled. If I don't believe you I give you full permission to slap me around a bit to knock some sense into me. This also goes for when/if I get the urge to have bangs again.